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Really. We love meeting people. If you'd like to discuss business, philosophy, strategy, or something else, don't hesitate to give us a shout. Or a call. Or even an email.

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1 (647) 745-8980


866 College Street, 4th Floor. 

Toronto, ON  M6H 1A3

Michael Davisburchat | Innovation Services at Big Human Change

Michael Davisburchat is our Director and the original Big Human. 

Before Big Human. Mike worked as a veteran designer and innovator for organizations around the world, including time in China and the United States.  An advocate for discovering the value in eradicating stubborn social challenges, he's fascinated by seemingly impossible problems (and working out how to solve them). Recently he's enjoyed time as a member of Reach, a global design-research network made up of 20 member partners across 4 continents.  

He's also pretty tall.

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